In this morning webinar session you will learn about what due diligence to perform in your purchase and sale transactions and methods for dealing with environmental issues that may arise with an emphasis on how the environmental professionals facilitate the transaction.
The course explores how the LSRP's code of conduct and professional obligations work within the context of the deal and how to work around environmental issues that commonly arise in New Jersey. From engaging the LSRP or the environmental professional to the nuances of the Industrial Site Recovery Act and the Site Remediation Reform Act, this course will help prepare you to identify and address environmental issues that might otherwise delay or kill your deal. You will also learn practice tips for ISRA compliance, performing due diligence, and allocating responsibility for addressing environmental issues.
Whether you're involved in a merger, acquisition or real estate transaction, you will be able to identify certain environmental issues and learn how you might navigate through (or around) those issues to close your deal.