This newly expanded live hands-on two morning webinar workshop will appeal to LSRPs responsible for planning groundwater remedies and to engineers and environmental professionals who need an easy "non-modeling" way to calculate groundwater flow and aquifer response for a variety of common engineered systems, including extraction wells, collector trenches, slurry or sheet pile walls, permeable reactive barriers, and funnel and gate remedies. Attendees will be introduced to a set of "calculators" that have been developed with, and are run using, the free AnAqSim EDU groundwater modeling software package. These calculators serve as easy to use screening tools that can be utilized to produce preliminary remediation designs. Attendees will receive instruction and participate in a series of hands-on exercises using these calculators. They will evaluate aquifer drawdown; optimize pumping well extraction rates; determine groundwater flow paths, velocities, and residence times; estimate system capture zone extent; create graphics with groundwater contours and pathlines; and examine other aspects of groundwater flow that should be considered when designing, evaluating and optimizing groundwater remediation systems. Finally, attendees will also learn how to incorporate site-specific data and features into the calculators, export data for further analysis, and generate report-ready graphics.